Why Choose SCION?

10-Year Production Experience
With professional skills, advanced production equipment combined with scientific management, Our production team has put a lot efforts on developing special line, rope, ribbon production experience for almost 10 years.


Advanced Automated Production Equipment
My company has a complete set of sewing thread, braided rope, and webbing equipment, advanced automation equipment not also to ensure that the production capacity but also improve the yield, lower the cost of higher loss, etc., And the average monthly output is of 20 tons.


Environmental Protection Of Raw Materials Quality Assurance
All of the production line strictly act up to ISO9001:2000 quality management, and detceted by the professional third party testing body, which is for providing high quality and perfect products.


Free Samples
Scion has various special materials specifications line for rope, ribbon samples, you can get our samples for free, but not including postage. Samples can be used as process reference, quality testing, and we can also provide more customized solutions.


Customized Service
There are various special functions of our products: Ultra-strong, Fire Resistance, High-temperature Resistance, Cut Resistance, UV Resistance, Anti-static, Conductive, Luminous, Reflective, Color Change and so on.


Safe Delivery
There are a number of international cooperated courier companies like FedEx, Sinotrans DHL, UPS, TNT, which are professional, fast, safe and accurate delivery of goods to your destination.


After-Sales Service
Sales of product usage and customer feedback is that we have been the focus of attention, our company has established after-sales service consultants, timely manner to answer your questions by email, your opinion will be the driving force for our growth.