Fireproof Aramid safety Rope

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Aramid braided rope is made from aramid filament fibers. Aramid fiber has excellent strength. By this measure, its tensile strength to weight ratio is 6 times that of steel wire, 3 times that of glass fiber, and 2 times that of high-strength nylon fiber.
And the tensile modulus is 3 times that of steel wire, 2 times that of glass fiber, and more than 10 times that of high-strength nylon fiber.
In addition, the continuous use temperature range of aramid is extremely wide, it can operate for a long time in the range of -196℃ to 340℃. The shrinkage rate is 0 at 150℃, and it will not decompose and melt at 560℃. Mechanical properties: strength: 3.6 GPa, elongation modulus: 131 GPa, elongation at break: 2.8%.
Aramid rope has many excellent properties: fire resistance, flame resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, cut resistance, high strength, low elongation, insulation and dielectric properties.

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Name: fireproof aramid fiber safety rope
Color: Raw yellow
Material: Para aramid
Diameter: 0. 3mm to 100mm

Breaking strengh: 1.2kn-400kn(up to Size)
Shape: Flat,Aramid Sleeve,Square,Round
Rope type: Braided Rope

Physical: instantaneous temperature is 585℃, long time working temperature is 260℃-330℃.
Mechanical properties: fracture strength 3%, strength 2.8Gpa

Product Features

Eco-Friendly, High Strength, High Temperature-Resistant, High-Elastic, Recycled, Anti-Pilling, Flame-Retardant, Abrasion Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Breathable, Anti-Static, thermal performance: long-term use temperature: 380 ° C, axial thermal expansion coefficient: -2 × 10 ^ (-6) / K, thermal conductivity: 0.048 W (m · K)

Product Applications

power line traction, power construction safety protection, hot air balloon traction, fire rescue, film and television hanging WIA, shooting cableway; mechanical lifting traction, sports and leisure (kite flying, sea hook fishing) , Military fire protection, safety protection, [engine, high-temperature furnace] heat insulation, [wear-resistant, overweight, high-temperature resistant] rope belts, and various special uses, can replace the shortage of other ropes.


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