Maintenance and maintenance of flame retardant clothing

Flame retardant protective clothing, especially flame retardant protective clothing made of flame retardant finished fabric, must be soaked and washed in cold water before wearing; it should be cleaned in time after being contaminated with flammable dust, oil and other flammable liquids. Flame retardant protective clothing should not be mixed with other clothing, and neutral detergent should be used when cleaning, do not use soap or soap powder, so as to avoid the formation of a layer of flammable deposits on the surface of clothing, affecting the flame retardant effect and breathability.
The washing water temperature should be below 40℃, and the washing time should be as short as possible, but there should be sufficient time to rinse with clean water to remove the residual detergent. Do not use bleach to remove stains, so as not to affect the flame retardant properties and the strength of the fabric. Do not scrub with hard objects such as brushes or rub hard with your hands. Flame retardant protective clothing should be naturally dried to avoid exposure to sunlight and heat sources to affect its protective performance. Hooks, buckles and other accessories must be repaired in time when they fall off, and the hooks and buckles should be fastened tightly when wearing; If the seam is damaged, use flame retardant thread to sew it up in time.
If the flame retardant protective clothing is damaged, mildewed or oily that cannot be cleaned, it should be discarded in time. The user should sample and submit the flame retardant protective clothing that has been used for 1 year or has a storage period of 1 year. Products that have lost their flame retardant protective performance should be scrapped in time in order to use qualified products.

Post time: May-30-2022