Rope manufacturer

Rope manufacturer – Hangzhou Zhihang, the applications are: rescue ropes, aerial work ropes, tree climbing ropes, military ropes.

rescue rope

Because sometimes the dangers in life are unpredictable, through a rescue rope, the lifeguard operates in dangerous environments, producing and supplying a complete set of rescue ropes and accessories to meet his various rescue needs.

Aerial work rope

With the standard aerial work rope product line on the market, it provides comfortable, safe and lightweight equipment for rope access technicians to be completely safe when working at heights and/or confined environments.

tree climbing rope

From descending ropes to lowering slings, tree-climbing operators can find great options to ensure their day-to-day safety in their tree-climbing work, Cousin Trestec is committed to a range of products for tree work.

military rope

From a helicopter to rappel, land, swerve, tow or winch heavy equipment, use the range of military ropes: abseiling ropes, rappelling ropes, all quickly, discreetly and accurately.

Rope manufacturer – Hangzhou Zhihang Line Co., Ltd.

Post time: Jun-24-2022