Safety rope function

Safety rope is woven from synthetic fiber, which is an auxiliary rope used to connect safety belts. Its function is double protection to ensure safety.

Ropes used to protect the safety of people and articles during aerial work are generally synthetic fiber ropes, hemp ropes or steel ropes. When working at heights such as construction, installation, maintenance, etc., it is suitable for similar jobs such as outside electricians, construction workers, telecom workers, and wire maintenance.

Numerous examples have proved that the safety rope is “life-saving”. It can reduce the actual impact distance when a fall occurs, and the safety lock and the safety wire rope cooperate to form a self-locking device to prevent the working rope of the hanging basket from breaking and causing a high-altitude fall. Safety rope and safety belt are used together to ensure that people will not fall with the hanging basket. The accident happened in a flash, so the safety rope and safety belt must be fastened according to the regulations when working at heights.

Safety rope is the umbrella for aerial work, and it ties a living life. A slight negligence will lead to serious consequences that may lead to loss of life.

Post time: Dec-05-2022