4mm Tear-Resistant Nylon Paracord 550 Parachute Cord for Survival, Camping and Crafts

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The 550 paracord is made of nylon, including 9 inner cores, each of which is twisted through three layers of nylon. The outer skin of the paracord is made from a mesh of the 32 series.
The paracord is 30 metres long and has a diameter of about 4 mm. It can be easily cut to size to suit different usage scenarios. A variety of colours to suit your needs for creating different paracord projects.

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Product name : Nylon paracord rope
Minimum breaking strength:550lb
Core yarns: 9 Core Strands, twisted three-layer nylon, 32/1 braided outer sheath structure

Color: 10 colors and can be Customized
Total length: 4m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m, 100m (customized)
Diameter: about 4mm

Multipurpose: Reflective Paracord is a great way to add some reflection to your crafted Paracord products or to keep on hand for survival and safety situations. The reflective tracers help make the color stand out when light is flashed upon it in darker settings

550 paracord can withstand a weight of 280 kg. The braided outer skin of 32 ensures strength and durability.
Despite high breaking load, the universal diameter of this rope is 4 mm (could be customized) and you will receive a tear-resistant rope that is also versatile but also easy to transport. The universal length is 30 m.
In addition to its tensile strength and proven durability, it has the added qualities of being anti-mould, anti-corrosion and anti-UV fading, which makes it the top rope of choice.
This product is perfect for preparers or macrame accessories for DIY enthusiasts. Cut it into strips for tarpaulin lashing straps, wrap a knife handle, store a strand in an emergency bag for a quick tourniquet or in your hunting equipment to easily get a big kill, and secure any large distance with it. Use a carabiner or hook, tie a bear bag, practice your knot or attach a panel curtain with deer. If survival is not a problem, use it to hang a flower pot or braid it into paracord chains, bracelets, lanyards. even belt, hang a washing line or set a patio umbrella.

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