4mm Reflective Guy Ropes with Aluminium Rope Tensioner for Tent, Tarpaulin, Camping

Short Description:

The addition of reflective silk improves visibility at night. The dots are reflective filaments that can be reflected under the lights at night, and you will never trip at night.
The surface of the wind rope is made of polyester and feels soft. The material inside is made of high quality nylon, which is very strong and durable.

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Product Description

Product name: Reflective Guy Ropes
Colors for Pick: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown,etc.

Diameter: Dia. 2-8mm

The ropes are made of high-strength nylon and aluminium, corrosion resistant and not easy to deform even in harsh weather.With reflective wires, ensure the camping guy rope better visibility and is safer in the suburban or at night.
And with a three-hole tensioner, which can adjust the length of the rope to your needs. First pass one end of the rope through the loop and knot it, then fold the rope to the desired length and circle the rope into the loop to fasten it.you can adjust the rope length to suit your needs.
It can also be used for washing lines and material ties. The guy ropes are ideal for various purposes, perfect for camping mountaineering tents, hiking, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. Perfect for outdoor athletes.

Product Advantage

1.The rope body is very round and tightly woven.
2.the surface texture is very detailed, and the wear resistance is quite good.
3.After frequent friction, it does not lint and is an essential player for outdoor players.
4.The texture is hard, the intensity is high, and it is luminous.
5. At night, it can be used as a camp rope to effectively prevent the rope from hanging and falling.
6. It is also easy to be confirmed when you are on a life-saving basis.
7.You can also use it to tie a handle, make a strap, or Laces, or traps, or shelters.
8.Or wear it behind a backpack, which can effectively prompt friends and cars behind in low-light conditions at night to improve safety.

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