Super Strength UHMWPE 12 Strands Synthetic Winch Rope for ATV UTV SUV Truck

Short Description:

The rope material is UHMWPE fiber, which refers to ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, the strongest fiber in the world. By using UHMWPE fibers, our winch rope extensions have a maximum breaking strength of 20,500 pounds, which is much stronger than that of conventional wire rope.
Compared to traditional wire rope, our synthetic winch ropes can be repaired in the field in an emergency with the proper braiding technique to ensure maximum safety.
Strength and durability: Both ends have protective sleeves that protect the winch rope from overheating, abrasion, UV radiation and corrosion. As a result, the product has a very long service life.
In addition, the unique self-tensioning feature helps to secure the rope firmly to the winch drum, even for installation and winding. On the other hand, it weighs 2 kg and is easy to unwind.
It is suitable for most electric winches for sport utility vehicles, jeeps, trucks, ATVs, general purpose transporters, etc. It can work under extreme conditions such as cold, heat, wind and rain.

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Product Description

Product name: Synthetic Winch Rope
Product Dimensions:‎26.92 x 24.89 x 18.03 cm; 2 Kilograms
Size: 12mm
Item Weight: 2 kg

Color: Siber. Black, Blue, Orange, Red (Customizable)
Material: Uhmwpe
Maximum Breaking Strength: 20,500 pounds
Operating Temperature: ≤ 80 ℃

Product Advantages

1. High quality material: made of stainless steel loop, aluminum buckle, G70 steel hook and two protective sleeve ends. This winch made of high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, can withstand severe outdoor conditions.
2. Rugged and safe: with 12 solid strands, 61 cm black and 299.7 protective cover for durability.
3. Waterproof: the density of UHMWPE fiber is 0.97-0.98g/cm3, can float on the water surface.
4. Anti-UV and Durability: Resistant to ultraviolet radiation, anti-neutron and γ-ray, high specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant, high electromagnetic wave transmission rate.
5. Multi-purpose tool: This synthetic rope can be used for self-rescue and rescue in harsh environments, such as snow, beaches, muddy mountain roads, etc. It can also be used for removing obstacles, dragging objects, etc. It is also suitable for winching most types of vehicles.

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