High Strength UHMWPE braided Rope for Height Work, Fire Ladder, Tree Climbing, Rescue Equip

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UHMWPE, also known as high-strength PE fiber, is one of the three major high-tech fibers (carbon fiber, aramid and UHMWPE fiber) in the world today, and is also the toughest fiber in the world. Its “light as paper, hard as steel”, strength is 15 times that of steel, than carbon fiber and aramid 1414 (Kevlar fiber) but also two times higher, is currently the main material for the manufacture of bulletproof vests.
Our rope is in 100% UHMWPE cord for maximum strength but light weight, which is the excellent choice for a variety of heavy applications, like giant kite flying, bear luggage, climbing or rigging, accessories.
Our UHMWPE rope is the best replacement of the traditional stainless steel ropes, light weight, easy handle, high strength, much more safety.

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1、High specific strength, high specific modulus. Specific strength is more than ten times the same cross-section of steel wire, specific modulus is second only to the special carbon fiber.
2, low fiber density, density is 0.97-0.98g/cm3, can float on the water surface.
3, low elongation at break, fracture work, has a strong ability to absorb energy, and thus has outstanding impact resistance and cutting resistance.
4、Resistant to ultraviolet radiation, anti-neutron and γ-ray, high specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant, high electromagnetic wave transmission rate.
5、Resistant to chemical corrosion, abrasion resistance, and long flexural life.
6、Density: 0.97~0.98g/cm3. lower density than water, can float on water.
7、Strength: 2.8~4N/tex.
8、Modulus: 91~140N/tex.
9、Impact absorption energy is nearly double that of para-aramid fiber, good wear resistance and small friction coefficient, but the melting point under stress is only 145~160℃.

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