• What about the length of climbing rope?

    The length of climbing rope is very important for mountaineering, which is directly related to the safety of climbers. Next, I will talk about the length of climbing rope. First of all, the length of climbing rope needs to be decided according to the specific situation of climbing. Generally spea...
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  • Interaction between climbing rope and rock structure

    Climbing rope is one of the necessary equipment in mountaineering, and rock is one of the main landforms encountered in mountaineering. There is a close interaction between climbing rope and rock structure. First of all, climbing ropes can provide the safety protection that climbers need during c...
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  • The difference between polyester and nylon

    The differences between polyester and nylon are as follows: 1. The specific gravity is different. Polyester 1.38, nylon 1.14; 2. Polyester fabric is not easy to wrinkle, and it is stiff, with good dimensional stability and shape retention. Nylon has poor shape retention, is not as stiff as polyes...
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  • How to distinguish the components of fireproof webbing

    The fireproof woven belt ultrasonic cord cutting machine adopts a PLC control console, which automatically feeds materials and has electronic eye tracking and scanning for more accurate computer counting. It has high accuracy, fast speed, simple, fast, and efficient length adjustment. This equipm...
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  • How to choose the climbing rope?

    The early mountaineering rope was made of cotton, and then developed into hemp. After 1950s, it was made of polyester fiber with excellent tensile strength, durability and abrasion resistance. Contemporary mountaineering ropes are designed and produced according to the regulations of contemporary...
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  • What are the advantages of light specific gravity of marine cables?

    In addition to light specific gravity, high strength, good attack resistance and wear resistance, marine cables have the advantages of corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and moth resistance. For example, the strength and wear fastness of nylon cable are several times higher than those of hem...
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