Climbing rope manufacturers

Hangzhou Zhihang Line Co., Ltd. is a climbing rope manufacturer. The climbing ropes produced are made of DuPont nylon, rejecting inferior raw materials. Only good materials can have good performance!

With perfect production equipment and excellent rope making technology, we believe that only good equipment can have good rope quality!

Nylon weave, firm and smooth

The climbing rope is made of nylon braid with good firmness, smooth feel, and can provide suitable friction, which is mostly suitable for outdoor sports.

The rope head is practical and does not scatter

The climbing rope is sealed by heat cutting and protected by a heat shrinkable tube. Inner core, rope core is dense

Adopt tight weaving technology, the rope core is dense and feels full without shelling and accumulation. Advanced technology is used to accurately control the tension of the inner core weaving. Even if it is used for a long distance, the tension loss is very small. Phenomenon.

The rope is the same as the inside and outside, powerful performance

Both the outer skin and the inner core are made of high-quality nylon material, and the multi-channel sand line processing technology makes the sand line firmer and smoother. performance.

Fine workmanship

The ropes are tightly woven, the lines are clear, and the outer skin slip rate is close to zero, which is suitable for rock climbing.

Climbing rope manufacturer——Hangzhou Zhihang xiandai Co., Ltd.

Post time: Jun-27-2022